“I have lived in Ward 4 for over 30 consecutive years and loved living in Ward 4. It is beautifully diverse in its geography, spirituality, and people.”

Larry Hopper



Regarding people and spirituality, this diversity is partially due to immigration, but also due to the influx of people and veterans who moved to Ward 4 to work at Tinker Air Force Base and its support industries. Larry Hopper’s experiences of growing up in Del City and in Texas, have helped him grasp the importance of both multiculturalism and communication. 


The coronavirus crisis has caused pain and loss in so many ways, including but not limited to health, family life, unemployment, homelessness, entertainment, and desperation. Its impact in the Spanish speaking community needs to be better explored and addressed. If elected, Hopper will focus on the pandemic.

OKC Budget

Larry will work to shape Oklahoma City’s upcoming budget so it gives a high priority to people’s basic municipal needs. In our present business climate, new options and different solutions are needed.


Larry opposes the defunding of police and credits the Mayor and current City Council with exploring police reforms. He understands that the Police Department has long been working to improve community policing

Larry Hopper

Candidate for OKC Ward 4 City Council

Larry Hopper lives southwest of Tinker in the middle of this 21-mile-wide ward, and he considers the Ward to be beautifully diverse in its geography, spirituality, and people. Its landscapes range from the acreages in the hills and trees, to include the Lake Stanley Draper reservation, the suburban stretches, and great urban neighborhoods including one surrounding the wonderful Calle Dos Cinco (25th Street) business district, aka Capitol Hill.

Mr.Hopper speaks some Spanish and has friends who can help him fully communicate with others.

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The election is Tuesday, February 9 and there are many issues to address








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