Larry Hopper

Oklahoma City Ward 4 Candidate

Larry’s 30+ years’ experience as a municipal worker has fueled his desire to improve the community.

For those 30+ years, Larry and his wife have loved living in Ward 4 and raising 3 kids. It is beautifully diverse in its geography, spirituality, and people. He will focus on the pandemic first, and working to shape Oklahoma City’s upcoming budget so it gives a high priority to people’s basic municipal needs.

Larry speaks some Spanish (all those years of high school Spanish classes) but I also have friends who can help me fully communicate with spanish speaking neighbors. He believes diversity makes us stronger as a community.

6 of the more important early issues are:

  • Ward 4’s economy (jobs, job training, business support)
  • Community cohesion/multiculturalism, plus how these tie to policing
  • Transportation improvements of various types
  • Defeat of the pandemic, and broader improvement of public health
  • Beautification/cleanup by both the City and the private sector
  • Shaping a “tough love” City budget for the year that starts July 1 (in the face of sagging revenues)

More from the Candidate

Among other things, he wants to see more investment in jobs and job training in Ward 4, with a special focus on the technology sector and business support.

Larry opposes the defunding of police and credits the Mayor and current City Council with exploring police reforms, such as through the Law Enforcement Policy Task Force. He understands that the Police Department has long been working to improve community policing, such as with Palomar. He was the president of the Gold Dome Multicultural Society for many years, a nonprofit focused on crosscultural awareness and understanding: he sees how groups like this can help.

His planning consultancy rarely needs more than 20 hours per week, so he can and will pace the addition of new business clients. This leaves him with considerable time to dedicate to public service and family.

Larry’s experience as a current Rotary Club president, Leadership OKC alum, and his service to various nonprofits and his church demonstrate a proven track record of leadership and community involvement.

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